Monday, June 12, 2017

Kathmandu to Beni night Bus

Kathmandu to Beni night bus for Muktianth travel and tours.  Daily night bus to Beni Departure at 7 Pm from Kathmandu Nepal. Deluxe night bus to Super deluxe night bus facility to Beni from Kathmandu. Passenger will get Beni in the morning if they take night bus to Beni. Specially, Night Bus to Beni for Muktianth Darshan and Jomsom tours. Night bus to Beni saves your time and money. passenger of the jomsom and muktianth Darshan and Tours have not stay one day in the Beni if they take night bus to Beni from Kathmandu. Ac Deluxe bus cost Rs. 1000 NPR per person. Every hours there are Bus to jomsom from Beni.Bus cost Rs. 800 NPR from Beni to Jomsom. And jeep cost Rs. 1000 NPR. For more details about the night bus to Beni  Contact our office by phone. 

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