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Train ticket booking in Nepal

Train ticket booking in Nepal

Train ticket booking in Nepal,online train ticket reservation agent Nepal,contact 9851005685 for the easy reservation the train ticket to travel all over the India
Train ticket booking in Nepal  reservation the all India train  ticket in Kathmandu Nepal. We are authorized train ticket agent based in capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. Online train ticket booking facility saved your time and easy tour to india where  and which city your like to go all over the Indian territory. Gorakhpur to Delhi, Delhi to Goa and Mumbai,Chanai and Bangalore train ticket etc. sells from travel agency Nepal. Inquire the train ticket reservation by phone, Viber, Skype etc.

Faq about the train ticket in Nepal?
I have to go Mumbai by train, I like to book train ticket in Nepal. Which is Best online train ticket booking agency in Kathmandu Nepal. I stay in Kathmandu , and what is the best way to go Boarder of Nepal and india and catch a Train.

How can I book train ticket to travel Goa and Mumbai from Pokhara city of Nepal?
You can contact our train ticket booking agency in Kathmandu. You immediately help to book the train ticket from there. You can pay money by IME, Prabhu bank transfer, Money Gram or any kind of the remittance.
What is the service charge to book the train ticket?
It is the service oriented job, it is more value ticket than service charge.
What is the location of the train ticket booking?

If you like to directly visit tour location, you can contact  our phone number than you know more explain way about the tour and travel
most of the Nepalese people go to india for work,travel and religious purpose. Cheap and fastest and reliable way to go india is by train. 

Most of the Nepali use this itinerary:
Delhi to Goa and Mumbain train ticket
Gorkhapur to Delhi,Haridwar, train ticket
Gorkahpur to Varanasi train ticket
Gorkhpuar to Karta train ticket