Thursday, August 18, 2016

Kathmandu to mahendranagar bus ticket

Kathmandu to Mahendranagar Bus ticket,booking bus ticket Banbasa , Banbasa Gaddachouki bus ticket from kathamndu, ticket booking for Mahendranagar tour Nepal
we book the ticket to mahendranagar for the easy travelling. 

Kathmandu to Birjunj Bus ticket

Daily bus ticket to Birgunj from kathmandu, Kathamndu to Birgunj bus ticket price, Online Bus ticket to Birjunj from kathmandu

Book Birgunj Bus ticket , we have delivery system of the Bus ticket in your home. Just call us here 9851005685
There are night bus service to Birgunj from Kathmandu. 8 Pm is the departure time of every Birgunj Bus.Normal Bus to Deluxe Bus with Wifi facility.we have online Bus reservation facility from our office.

How to book online Bus ticket to Birgunj:
Call us about the availability of the Bus
Then, transfer the money by online Banking or remittance
we sent the  seat number,driver number via Mobile Sms. Mobile phone become your Bus ticket after we message the seat confirmation.

Why go to Birgunj from Kathmandu
Go to home
Business purpose
To go india
To go Raxual Junction train station etc.

kathmandu to sonauli and Bhairwa Bus

Sonauli and Bhirawa and Sonauli is just 2 km distance difference. There are morning , night and day bus to Bhairwa and Sonauli from Kathmandu Nepal. There are daily bus service to Bhairwa and Sunauli from Kathmandu. Two Shift deluxe Ac Bus service Morning and Night.
Deluxe Ac Bus leaves from Kathmandu bus station at 7:00 Am and you will get in Bhairwa at 3 PM. Similarly in the night 7:30 Pm Bus leaves to Bhairwa then you will get in the morning. 

Kathmandu to Gorakhpur Bus

Direct bus to Gorkakhpur form Kathmandu,Kathmandu to Gorakhpur bus ticket, reservation bus from Kathmandu to Gorakhpur

Previous days there are Buses to Sunali then after changing bus takes 2 hours to Gorkhapur. This time possible direct AC Bus to Gorakhpur from Kathmandu Nepal. Gorakhpur bus leaving at 6 pm from Kathmandu then reached to Gorkhapur another days 8 AM. During the night bus is on the way because it goes slowly and rest. Morning time at 6 Am bus crosses to the Sunauli boarder of Nepal and India and  reached to Gorakhpur about 8 Am or 9 AM. Kathmandu to Gorakhpur 95 km by distance. 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Beni to Muktinath Bus and Jeep reservation

Our travel agency help to arrange the Bus and jeep rental facility from Beni. if you are small group but you reach in Beni by Bus at that time , we arrange the jeep jeep booking and reservation from Beni to jomsom and Muktianth. Jeep has capacity 8 People and mini bus has capacity up to 22 people. According to the number of the  people, we recommendation the hiring jeep and Bus. 

Kathmandu to Jomsom Muktinath Bus ticket

for the jomsom muktinath tour there are regular bus from Kathmandu to jomsom. Not only tour  ,it is great benefit for the Muktinath yatra from Bus service facility.
We provide the connecting Bus service from Kathmandu to jomsom Muktianth. we recommendation to Night bus to Beni from Kathmandu then Morning Bus to Joimsom and Muktinath from Beni. Beni to jomsom 70 km and jomom to Muktinath it is 21 km by distance.
Daily night bus service to jomsom from Kathmandu for Muktinath  Darshan tour. Bus cost Rs. 2000 NPR from Kathmandu to jomsom. Bus leaves at 3 pm and reach to Jomsom morning 9 Am.

Kathmandu to Ghale Gaon Bus ticket

we provide Kathmandu to Ghale Gaon Bus ticket from our Bus ticket arrange travel agency in Nepal. There are two buses to go Ghale gaon from Kathmandu. One Bus directly go to the Besishar from Kathmandu then direct Bus to Ghale gaon tour. We provide bus ticket to Beshihar from kathmandu then arrange the anohter bus. Kathmandu to Ghale gaon bus ticket for Ghale gaon home stay tour. for details you Can phone our Numbers. 

Kathmandu to Beni Bus ticket

Kathmandu to Beni Bus ticket

There are Night,Morning and Day AC and deluxe bus to Beni from Kathmandu. It saves time if you traveled by night. Then you will get to Beni in the morning time.There are day  and morning Micro Bus service to Beni from Kathmandu. It takes 9-10 hours to reach the Beni from Kathmandu.There are no direct bus to Muktinath  and jomsom so, pilgrimages , travelers and trekkers first come Beni by bus then they go to the jomosm by bus from Beni. there are frequently bus go to the Jomsom from Beni. From Beni there are facility to reserve the Bus and Jeep.
   It Cost 1000 rupees to go Beni by AC Bus from Kathmandu. Deluxe Bus Cost Rs. 800 NPR to go Beni from Kathmandu. It is 280 km distance from Kathmandu to Beni. Frequent Bus service facility from Kathmandu to Beni. There are available Morning to Night bus from Kathmandu to Beni.

  Kathmandu to Beni night bus saves the time and effort. During the day you can visit Pashupati Temple,Patan,Narayan Temple then , you can take the night Bus. It saves the time and money , helps to easy drive Beni. After Beni there are frequent Bus to the Muktinath and Jomsom. Lots of Jeep service facility from Jomsom to Muktinath.

Kathmandu to Jumla Bus ticket

For Kathmandu to Jumla Bus details, time seclude and Duration of the time to access Jumla from Kathmandu, you can contact in our phone numbers.Normally, it takes 2 days to reach jumla from kathmandu 2 days. About 4 pm Bus leave to jumla from bus station of Nepal.  It is about 850 km from kathmandu to Jumla road distance. Due to the travelling in Rara lake Kathmandu to Jumla Bus is more busy than before.  

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Kathmandu to Janakpur bus ticket

Daily bus ticket to Janakpur Nepal from Kathmandu. janakpur Bus ticket for the Janakpurdham Darshan. Book Bus ticket online to go Janakpurdham. Contact Janakurdham  bus ticket booking in reservation. we give detail information about the Janakpurdham Bus ticket cost, Bus Duration to go  Janakpur Nepal. 

kathmandu to sabrubesi bus ticket

There are daily bus ticket available for Kathmandu to sabrubensi. Bus leave from Sabrubensi Dhunche bus station in kathmandu. Mainly tourist want to Bus ticket for Sabrubeshi for Langtang valley trekking. Morning 6 to 8 Am is the Bus time seclude to the Dhunche from Kathmandu bus station.Kathmandu to Dhunche  Sabrubeshi bus categorize Local and Express bus. Local Bus to Sbrubeshi is waiting for the local passenger on the way and relatively it is  slow than than the Express Bus. Express bu to Sabrubeshi is non stop and Bus fare also little bit more than local bus. This is the new fashion to keep a Wifi in the bus this time. Because of the Wifi facility , passenger are going to attraction to ride a Bus.
Distance from Kathamndu to sabrubensi is about 170 km and takes 8 hours by Bus. Express bus cost Rs. 700 NPR and local Bus Cost Rs. 500 NPR. there will be extgra surcharge of delivery the ticket in your hotel and Guest house. We have ticket delivery system. For that  better to contact our phone  Numbers. +9779851005685

Friday, August 5, 2016

Kathmandu to chitwan Bus ticket

Kathmandu to chitwan Bus ticket

Kathmandu to Chitwan bus ticket,Kathmandu to Chitwan Bus ticket price, Kathmandu to chitwan for Jungle Safari in Nepal,Kathmandu to Chitwan National park Bus ticket
Green City Travel and Tours organized the tourist bus ticket to chitwan,Sauraha

Kathmandu to Chitwan daily tourist and non tourist Bus ticket we provide from our travel agency in Kathmandu Nepal. Generally people go to Chitwan for the jungle safari in Royal chitwan National park. It is 158 km distance from Kathmandu to Chitwan and takes 6 hours by bus. Like a Kathmandu , you can go to Chitwan from Pokhara. Like a tourist bus there are deluxe public bus and Micro Bus service from Kathmandu Nepal. You can book the Bus ticket by advance payment by online .  How to book online  Kathmandu to Chitwan Bus ticket&nbsp You can phone us about the bus ticket then we reserve the bus ticket and give the detail by sms. Then, you can transfer the money by remittances or deposit bank. if no possible two option, you can pay us directly  at the time of hte moving Bus. 
Kathmandu to Chitwan  tourist Deluxe Bus ticket

7:00 AM
1:30 PM
9:00 AM
4:00 PM
9:00 AM
1:00 PM
7:30 AM
11.00 PM

In the tongue of tourism, Sauraha and Chitwan become the synonymous  words.Sauraha is the base of the Chitwan safari tour.From sauraha regular bus to chitwan and Pokhara. 
Kathmandu to Chitwan Deluxe Bus ticket

Kathmandu to Salleri phaplu bus

Kathmandu to Salleri Phaplu Bus for Everest base camp trek

Kathmandu to Salleri bus ticket for Everest base camp trek, easy way to go lukla by bus from Kathmandu,Bus ticket price for Kathmandu to lukla,Booking online Bus ticket from Kathmandu to Lukla

if you are looking bus to lukla from Kathmandu instead of plane, it is better to go Salleri and phaplu from there within 2 days you will reach to lukla by walking. Nearest and easiest way to reach.Many Everest trekkers like to easy way to trek instead of scary flight and flight become sometimes delay because of the hazy way so reservation the bus ticket to reach Everest region, it is the best way of travel.

Kathmandu to Direct salleri-phaplu bus for Everest trek Nepal. from Salleri it takes 2 days to reach lukla. Salleri is  the district headquarters of the Solukhumbu district. Solu is the public adminstrtion section of the Everest region while Khumbhu is the main touristic areas.There are daily direct bus and jeep from kathmandu to salleri and Phaplu. It takes 12 hours to reach Salleri and phaplu from Kathmandu. Bus ticket cost Rs. 1600 and Jeep cost for Rs. 2000 Rupees per person. 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Kathmandu to Chardham bus reservation

Bus reservation to chardham from Kathmandu, Chardham bus reservation cost from Kathmandu, Cheapest bus reservation to Chardham in Kathmandu,Chardham bus reservation duration from Kathmandu, bus booking inquiry for chadham in Kathmandu

We reservation  the Chardham bus yatra from Kathmandu Nepal. For entire Chardham yatra and duration of Chardham we can book the bus. First day, Bus will leave from Kathmandu to Haridwar then according to Yatra period bus go to Yamotri, Gangortri, Kedarnath and Badrinath. In  a average it is 12 nights 13 days programme from Kathmandu Nepal. We coporate the bus for your easy and comfort travel and yatra to Chardham

Lets book the bus for Chardham from Kathmandu. Where is the bus reservation for Chardham in Kathmandu? If you have question about the bus reservation to Chardham you can call us by phone. Our Nepali bus drop you to the Haridwar from Kathmandu then we change the inidan Number platge bus to entire Chardham Yatra. More or less ,It takes around 12 night 13 days for the Chardham Yatra from Kathmandu Nepal.
bus service during our Chardham yatra period and drop in Kathmandu and other parts along the bus route to Chardham. Lets inquire about the bus to Chardham in Kathmandu by phone and visiting our bus booking travel agent. We book the bus in  a advance so it is better to book at least 4-5 days before your travelling date
For the detail contact Chardham bus booking:
Nabaraj Thapa
Thamel, Kathmandu
Phone: 9851005685 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Kathmandu to Haridwar bus reservation

Kathmandu to Haridwar Bus reservation

Kathmandu to Haridwar  bus reservation service, Bus booking cost from Kathmandu to Haridwar, reservation the bus from Kathmandu to Haridwar for Chadham tour, Chardham Yatra bus reservation in Kathmandu, Cost of Kathmandu to Haridwar bus reservation

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Kathmandu to Chame Bus and Jeep ticket

Kathmandu to Chame bus and Jeep Ticket

Kathmandu to Chame bus and jeep ticket, Jeep and bus ticket price from Kathmandu to Chame Manang, Kathmandu to Chame jeep and bus for Annapurna circuit trekking, Kathmandu to Chame jeep for Narphu valley trekking, How i get a bus to go Annapurna circuit trek Nepal

 This time directly jeep service to Chame, the district headquarters of the Manang district. from there you can walk to the pisang village where you can stay one day for the acclimatization. Then, route to the upper pisang way you can go to the manang. we recommendation one night staying in Nawar before reaching the Manang. Kathmandu to Chame bus and jeep ticket, Jeep and bus ticket price from Kathmandu to Chame Manang, Kathmandu to Chame jeep and bus for Annapurna circuit trekking, Kathmandu to Chame jeep for Narphu valley trekking, How i get a bus to go Annapurna circuit trek Nepal

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Train ticket booking in Nepal

Train ticket booking in Nepal

Train ticket booking in Nepal,online train ticket reservation agent Nepal,contact 9851005685 for the easy reservation the train ticket to travel all over the India
Train ticket booking in Nepal  reservation the all India train  ticket in Kathmandu Nepal. We are authorized train ticket agent based in capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. Online train ticket booking facility saved your time and easy tour to india where  and which city your like to go all over the Indian territory. Gorakhpur to Delhi, Delhi to Goa and Mumbai,Chanai and Bangalore train ticket etc. sells from travel agency Nepal. Inquire the train ticket reservation by phone, Viber, Skype etc.

Faq about the train ticket in Nepal?
I have to go Mumbai by train, I like to book train ticket in Nepal. Which is Best online train ticket booking agency in Kathmandu Nepal. I stay in Kathmandu , and what is the best way to go Boarder of Nepal and india and catch a Train.

How can I book train ticket to travel Goa and Mumbai from Pokhara city of Nepal?
You can contact our train ticket booking agency in Kathmandu. You immediately help to book the train ticket from there. You can pay money by IME, Prabhu bank transfer, Money Gram or any kind of the remittance.
What is the service charge to book the train ticket?
It is the service oriented job, it is more value ticket than service charge.
What is the location of the train ticket booking?

If you like to directly visit tour location, you can contact  our phone number than you know more explain way about the tour and travel
most of the Nepalese people go to india for work,travel and religious purpose. Cheap and fastest and reliable way to go india is by train. 

Most of the Nepali use this itinerary:
Delhi to Goa and Mumbain train ticket
Gorkhapur to Delhi,Haridwar, train ticket
Gorkahpur to Varanasi train ticket
Gorkhpuar to Karta train ticket